Nina KN
Graphic Design & Illustration

One Oaf: Sticker Art Collection

Type of Work: Branding

Description: BFA project created to reflect core values as a designer. These values include unique mark-making, creating through analogous (hands on) creative processes, and of course..having fun! This project includes design for packaging, sticker production, and a website (online store). All printed material was hand printed.

Brand Description: "One Oaf is a sticker art company for artists and avid contemporary art enthusiasts. Unlike other sticker art that is mass printed and produced by machines, each sticker is illustrated and then printed in limited editions by hand. One Oaf is printed in various methods from letterpress to silk-screening directly onto vinyl. A subscription provides a pack of tangible pieces of personal art every month. One Oaf aims to provide access to unique portable art, as well as create an outlet for artists and illustrators in Seattle."


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