Nina KN
Graphic Design & Illustration

Amtrak: Hi-Trak West Coast Tour

Type of Work: Branding/Packaging

Description: Amtrak*: Hi-Trak West Coast Tour is a fabricated tour line for cannabis connoisseurs. A west coast tour visiting the very best dispensaries of premium cannabis, starting from Washington down to the very southern part of California complements well with the leisurely speed of trains and the proverbial lifestyle of a cannabis user.

The desired look and overall style was to treat the tour with a higher level of class; as if it were a wine-tasting. The goal was to up the sophistication of an otherwise demarcated and "controversial" topic, blanketed by the overly used and overly associated Rasta-style. The decision to choose this topic was because it was a very real and relevant issue in Washington when WA-Initiative 502 was passed.


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*Disclaimer: This project is by no means a part of Amtrak and any of its' official proprietaries.