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About Nina

Known for her bold illustrative work and sensible design, Nina Naeher more commonly known as NinaKN, is based in Seattle, Washington as a Graphic Designer and former Lead Graphic Designer for Winterlife Co.

She has a culmination of more than twelve years of experience in illustration, graphic, branding, and packaging design; a BFA in Visual Design from Cornish College of the Arts; and several published illustrative works in books and media articles.

Nina's work often contains a sense of abstract/asymmetrical balance, contrast, & texture. Her body of work is varied with an emphasis in illustration. While her greatest interests are in the graphic arts, she often describes design work as a pleasing, complex Sudoku-like game always worth solving.

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Nina moved to the United States at an early age and considers herself a culture chameleon, world traveler, and an art history enthusiast.

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